Green Friday Blog: Tip #3 - Do something nice for someone!

Green Friday Blog: Tip #3 - Do something nice for someone! - Dry Bags

Team Dry Bags' Tip #3 - Do something nice for someone!

Hey friend, thanks for dropping by.

This year we're ditching the commercial chaos of Black Friday and instead holding our own 'Green Friday' event to encourage more sustainable shopping choices and habits this holiday season.

Instead of slashing prices we're going to be doing things a little differently than everyone else this year so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from us coming in the near future with more details.

In the meantime we're continuing the Boycotting Black Friday mini-series and sharing the third tip with you!

One of the golden rules in life says we should treat others the way we would like to be treated.

There are several real, life-changing benefits to treating others well, even though this is a common adage we are taught at an early age.

It is scientifically proven that as children, we are biologically wired to do nice things, and with practice and repetition, we can develop this trait further.

However, sometimes we can lose these natural abilities due to the influences of the outside world and the stresses of our everyday lives.

Being kind to others and having empathy makes it easier to relate to friends, relatives, and even strangers we come into contact with every day.

Kindness also contributes to a healthier body, besides just improving personal relationships.

These are just a few reasons to do something nice for someone:

  1. Positive hormones are released when we are kind
  2. Being kind reduces anxiety
  3. Our hearts are nourished by kindness
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Kindness is the best medicine

Random acts of kindness can benefit us all at any time, no matter what the season or time is. Not only do they have a positive influence on others - it's good for the soul too.

We've compiled a long and wonderful list of random acts of kindness to help inspire you this Green Friday and beyond! 

Here are 50 ways to help others:

1. Greet everyone you come into contact with a smile. Shine your light in the world! It's a great feeling when someone does the same back. Smiling 


2. Open the door for a stranger out in public.


3. Donate items you aren't using. If you bring home two items, you could donate one of them. You can donate a shirt with each purchase of a shirt!


4. Do something for your spouse that you don't normally do. Cooking, cleaning your home, doing the dishes, paying a bill, and so on can be considered household chores.


5. Donate blood.


6. Take a bin bag with you while walking and collect any rubbish you encounter along the way.


7. Don't spread gossip when you have something nice to say about the person.


8. Welcome your new neighbours with a gift. Bringing dessert or even just introducing yourself can be enough.


9. Don't forget to leave a tip. Make sure to include a special note on your receipt.


10. Let others use your vouchers at the supermarket.


11. Share food with your colleagues. The morning is the perfect time to enjoy a donut and a coffee.


12. Consider donating decorations and flowers from your wedding or party to a hospital or nursing home afterward.


13. No reason is needed to send flowers to someone.


14. Consider sending someone a care package while they are away. A friend who is far from home, in the military, a student, or whatever else fits the bill.


15. Praise others. Your hair looks amazing! Someone's day can be made with a simple comment.


16. Provide employment assistance to someone.


17. Animals will appreciate a baked treat. Treats would be welcome at shelters for the pets!


18. Don't hesitate to call a loved one.


19. Be tolerant of someone's mistake. It is human nature to make mistakes. Perhaps you won't forget, but maybe you will forgive.


20. Take care of an animal. Consider adopting as well if you are able.


21. Litter pick your street or local woodland.


22. When it rains, if you know you'll be heading to the same place, let someone use your umbrella. A parking lot can be problematic if you are going to the inside of a mall from there, for example, or if you are going to class from there.


23. Offer encouragement to someone going through a difficult time.


24. Pay it forward. Purchasing food, coffee, groceries, tickets, or some other item may fall under this category.


25. In public bathrooms, place post-its with positive messages.


26. Make a difference by becoming a Big Brother or Sister to a friend.


27. Provide assistance to a needy person.


28. Using discount coupons allows you to donate items without paying for them.


29. Your colleague is struggling. Help him or her. A person's life outside of work is never predictable.


30. Provide grocery delivery for someone.


31. If you are no longer in need of books, donate them. A variety of organisations accept donations, such as libraries and hospitals.


32. Free Rice is a great place to spend time. Through the World Food Program, the website donates 10 grains of rice for every answer that you get right. You can play it for free, too!


33. Make a hair donation. This can be done in a number of ways. We're huge fans of the work the Little Princess Trust do to create wigs for kids


34. Let people jump the queue ahead of you. Perhaps they are more in more of a hurry than you are.


35. Become a moving helper. Don't wait for them to ask you, offer when they ask!


36. Get involved in nursing homes by volunteering. Maybe you'll meet new friends...


37. Prepare a meal for someone. Making a home cooked meal for somebody can really benefit a friend who has just had a baby or someone you know who is experiencing a tough time.


38. Make someone's dream holiday a reality. Parents, spouses, kids, friends, etc could all benefit from this.


39. Donate your organs. Make sure you check "yes" when you're next asked.


40. Donate your time to a cause. Random acts of kindness related to volunteering are endless and there are numerous possibilities.


41. Consider donating bone marrow


42. Let the employer know what an outstanding employee they have. It's unusual for retail and restaurant managers to hear anything positive, so saying something nice stands out.


43. If it is too hot or too cold outside, get in touch with your elderly neighbours. A broken heater or air conditioner can be a real issue for others. Checking in to make sure they're okay could make the world of difference.


44. Help a victim of bullying.


45. Consider sponsoring a family or giving gifts to the less fortunate during the holiday season. The tradition of sponsoring a family in December lives on in our family. Families pitch in together to make sure another family has a happy holiday.


46. Giant hugs are the best.


47. Love the person you're with.


48. If a meter is expired and someone is parked there, top up the meter and get them a ticket.


49. Kiva allows you to lend money to others. 82 countries offer Kiva loans to low-income entrepreneurs. You can start for around £25!


50. Put a handwritten note in the mail for someone. A little effort can have a huge impact.

Final words:

You are challenged to show extra kindness to those around you this Green Friday (and everyday after)!

Then you can relax, feeling virtuous after completing your good deeds...

If we all do a little something extra for our fellow humans and go the extra mile, the world will quickly become a better place :) 

Thanks for reading,

Jules Tipler


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