Green Friday Blog: Tip #2: Spend time with friends and family

Green Friday Blog: Tip #2: Spend time with friends and family - Dry Bags

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Jules here with the next tip to help you boycott Black Friday this year...

Tip #2: Spend time with friends and family

The truth is, technology and consumerism can easily leave us, and our loved ones, feeling isolated or unfulfilled after all is said and done.

When we look back in 10 years time, do we want to have collected 'things' or created memories we'll cherish forever?

We get so bombarded by technology and social media, sometimes we forget to appreciate the best things around us.

"The best things in life aren't things. They're people" - Someone wise

So in an effort to change things, why not dedicate the day to the people you love?

Green Friday is the perfect time to mute your notifications for the day, meet up with your favourite person and hit the outdoors to reconnect.

Carving out just a couple of hours for someone special in your life will make you both feel great!

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If you do still need to hit the stores and plan on seizing the opportunity for holiday season gift shopping...

Try making a gift list ahead of time!

Not only will it free up time spent shopping to spend with friends and family instead on the day... 

... Thinking about the people you're buying for and what they might want (like a waterproof bag, hint hint), need or appreciate will help cut down on panic overbuying in the heat of the moment.

Also, make sure to support brands participating in Green Friday where possible as there are some really great causes being supported through your purchases.

I hope this short blog inspires you! In the meantime have a wonderful day.

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Jules Tipler