The Importance of Spending Time With Friends and Family:

The Importance of Spending Time With Friends and Family: - Dry Bags

For creative and inspirational pursuits, alone time is important, as is spending time with family and friends. Study after study has shown that socializing with friends and family makes us happier. Even introverts need social time to be happy. It is well documented that having friends and family makes one happier than receiving an increased income - even if they are distant.

The things that we think make us happy are actually just ways to obtain more family and friends. Almost all the other things we think make us happy are really just means of obtaining more family and friends. It's never a bad investment to spend time with the ones you love, even though money can't buy you happiness!


Family hike

A memorable family experience is created when you spend time with them. A family's time is priceless, and nothing can replace it. Having children makes it even more important. It can be tough to carve out family time for older kids and teenagers who may prefer to spend time with their friends. Younger children are more likely to enjoy spending time with you, whereas older children and teenagers may prefer to spend time with their friends.


Don't worry if you don't know where to begin. First, try something simple like dinner at the table or a board game after dinner. You might consider going for a walk to the park instead of playing games with your family. Getting everyone involved and working towards a goal can be an excellent way to get everyone involved in household projects. Look for activities your family will enjoy together and suggest them to your family. It may seem difficult at first, but soon you will get used to it.


Friends at Sunset

The less time we have for our friends as we get older, the faster life gets. Coffee dates quickly become school meetings, which might not be noticed at first. The carefree mornings of the past are slowly taking the form of rushed mornings and biweekly (or monthly!) catch up calls with your best friend. When life gets busy, it's hard to find time for friends, and before long, you forget most of your old friends.


However, despite being tragic, this can be prevented! Friendships are one of the few pleasures in life that only cost a small amount of money, but return a great deal in reward. Stress can also be reduced using this technique. It can be helpful to let your worries melt away when you spend time with your friends.


By scheduling your time with friends, you will be able to give them attention.It is possible to accomplish both at the same time, and even find time to spend with friends, if you find common goals you both share and work together to attain them. Work out together, walk your pets together, find new things to do together, and schedule playdates with your kids together are all examples. It could be as simple as having your spouse watch the kids while you go out for coffee or invite friends over so you can watch the Super Bowl.

Health Benefits of Spending Time with Family and Friends:


Enhances mental health:

Families who spend more time together, especially through face-to-face communication instead of digital communication, are significantly less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. You can buoy yourself up through life's challenges by being physically present with your loved ones.

Enhances academic performance in children:

The average amount of time a child spends with family can influence their academic performance. The importance of education is emphasised, as well as communication skills. If needed, you reinforce that your success relies on their success by helping them with assignments or new concepts. You can show your children how much you care about them by simply asking about their day and what they have been learning.

Behavioural Problems Are Less Likely:

Time spent with family has shown to be linked with a reduced risk of behavioural issues, such as violence and drug abuse. They will continue to exhibit healthy behaviour if they receive positive attention for it. In addition to helping to release pent-up emotions, spending time together also reduces our likelihood of making unhealthy decisions in the future. It is so important for the family to be there when a child (or teen) comes to you with problems, so they can better cope with those issues and make the right decisions.


All family members gain confidence by spending time together. Using specific skills such as communication and problem solving, parents can teach children to build self-esteem. Additionally, the examples they provide can model self-love without criticising others. With the knowledge that their loved ones value and appreciate them, parents and children gain confidence.

Helps kids learn how to be parents in the future:

Creating memories together will encourage future generations to create loving environments in their own homes. It is important for your children to see how important your family is through your example so they can one day take care of themselves. When they interact with siblings, they may even copy your behavior.

Teach Conflict Resolution Effectively:

The joys and difficulties of being with family are intertwined. It is impossible to walk away from conflicts for good once they arise.

The issues that arise will need to be addressed together since you're all in this together. Interpersonal communication skills can be developed through family time, which emphasises constructive ways to discuss, debate, and resolve issues.

Relaxes the body:

The people with strong family ties are more likely to find healthier coping mechanisms for stress-such as confiding in partners and family members-rather than other unhealthy methods. Talking through problems together establishes a habit of relieving stress and finding solutions. 

In addition to symptoms of fatigue, high blood pressure, and heart problems, stress has a significant impact on physical health. People's pulse and blood pressure were lowered when discussing hardships with a friend beside them (than alone). A study by the Annals of Behavioural Medicine proved this.

Resilience And Adaptability Promoted:

With a strong family bond you are able to face the challenges and changes of life. You feel a sense of belonging, security, and purpose when you spend time with family members. Motivation for pushing forward, growing, and succeeding comes from this assurance.

Improves physical health:

A positive impact on physical well-being can be achieved by spending time with family while engaging in the right activities. Home-cooked meals do tend to provide a better diet than those that do not. Sports games, hikes, and gardening together improve fitness when you participate in these activities together. Research even suggests that exercising and following healthy habits are enhanced by spending time with family. Heart, brain, and hormonal health are all improved.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also be encouraged by spending time with family.

Life expectancy is extended:

You can increase your life expectancy by 50% by maintaining healthy relationships. With all the benefits to physical and mental health discussed above, it is obvious why family time can improve your life quality. Social networks make people live longer, even if their physical habits are unhealthy.


Final Words:

Your mental wellbeing and your relationships will benefit from spending more time with the people you care about. Friends and family are your best resources, and your worst enemies -so don't forget to maintain these relationships!