Waterproof Tele Compression Bag - Dry Bags
Waterproof Tele Compression Bag - Dry Bags
Waterproof Tele Compression Bag - Dry Bags
Waterproof Tele Compression Bag - Dry Bags
Waterproof Tele Compression Bag - Dry Bags
Waterproof Tele Compression Bag - Dry Bags

Waterproof Tele Compression Bag

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Maximise space with this innovative waterproof compression dry bag. Bulky items are easily compressed and stored in safely, keeping them dry and away from dust and mud. Ideal for anyone who needs to pack bulky kit into a larger backpack or duffel. 

To use, simply put your kit in the bag and roll the top down tightly three to four times before securing with a buckle. Flick open the vent cap near the base of the bag before pulling down on the four compression straps. All the air is swiftly pushed out of the bag. Once the dry bag is a small as you need, just push the vent cap closed and you're water tight!

Great for down jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc if you're camping (glamping) and on extended river trips. 

Available in three sizes:

  • Small [Red] - 13 litres / 42 X 20cm
  • Medium [Blue] - 19 litres / 52 X 22cm
  • Large [Green] - 36 litres / 65 X 28cm

Made from a nylon fabric capable of withstanding 10,000 mm water column (that's a lot!). Whilst these bags aren't submersible, they'll keep your kit dry from rain and foul weather. 

What can I pack in them?

The small red tele compression bag has a volume of 13 litres. That's perfect for a thinner, 3 season, sleeping bag. The blue waterproof bag has a volume of 19 litres, which will swallow a thicker, 4 season, sleeping bag. The large green bag can handle 36 litres, which is a expedition sized sleeping bag. 


Drybags come in a range of waterproof ratings that make them more appropriate for some activities than others. In general the thicker the material the more waterproof and robust the bag, but it will also be much heavier and less malleable to fit into nooks and crannies in boats and kayaks, and packed into larger bags.

Look out for these badges with every product:

The method of sealing the bags is crucial. Some dry bags have two methods of securing them: you fold them over at least 3 or 4 times, click the buckles and then secure with a Velcro strip.

The bags are all rated for waterproofness with a two-digit IP number: Ingress Protection.

The first digit will be a number between 0-6, and indicates the degree of protection from ingress of solid objects (the user themselves, and other potentially harmful particulates such as dust or dirt).

The second digit in an IP rating will be a number between 0-9, denoting the quality of resistance to moisture ingress at varying intensities, angles, depths and pressures of exposure or immersion.

All our waterproof bags have a first digit of 6, meaning: Full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. The second digits are a 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.