Best waterproof backpacks for laptops [2021 update]

Best waterproof backpacks for laptops [2021 update] - Dry Bags

Why you need a waterproof laptop backpack

Laptops are an important part of our daily routine, whether it's for work or for school. However, if your laptop is exposed to the elements, it can easily be damaged by water. If you live in a rainy city, it is crucial to invest in a waterproof backpack. And with the rise of mobile devices, you can now find waterproof mobile cases that protect your phone, whether it's an iPhone or an Android. But there are hundreds of backpacks in the market, how can you choose the right one for you? That's why we've made a list of five of the best waterproof backpack. Here are 3 of the best waterproof backpacks you can buy.


1. What are the important features to give you maximum protection?

Regardless of the journey you are on or the kind of water resistant feature you are looking for each waterproof backpack needs the same core features in order to be up to the job

  • Waterproof materials - so this is sort of obvious but you do need to consider the waterproof protection your pack provides. With different ratings it is important to know what kind of water exposure your bag can take. Click here to read out article of different IP ratings.
  • Padded straps - comfort is important in any bag regardless of whether you are looking at travel backpacks, a backpack for college students or a hiking backpack. Plenty of padding on the shoulder straps is a must. For women, extra padding around the hips is something to look for. Finally, we suggest considering whether you need a carry handle or chest strap
  • Storage options and space - You want a laptop compartment yes but you also nee to consider the internal pockets and external pockets that the waterproof backpack provides to ensure you have ample space for all your items and, more importantly, keep it dry when it rains.
  • Price - the price range of a bag can be a big deciding factor. That is why we have made it easy to check the prices on our website. Just hit this link to compare the price of all our backpacks.


 2. Should I buy water resistant or waterproof?

A waterproof fabric should come with an IP rating. If you check all of our products you will find one. These will help you determine whether the bag is a water-resistant backpack or if it offers full

waterproof protection. To help you decide first you need to know what Water-Based Activities you will be getting involved in. Then you need to understand the different IP ratings. If you are unsure then just click this link to head over to our handy guide. Alternatively, just check the product description of each item. Finally, consider how you will be using the backpack and your laptop. Will you need a zippered pocket or padded sleeve as you will be moving around a lot or maybe even an additional padded laptop sleeve such as our laptop tidy or a tablet pocket.

3. The best waterproof backpack for laptops reviewed

Now that we know what to look for here our our top 3 bags and link to where to buy them

1. OverBoard 20L Classic Backpack - this bag provides excellent protection and it's compact size makes it a great option for anyone on a city break, light hike or just wanting a commuter backpack. The reflective patches and bright colours make for an attractive design that also looks out for your safety if you are on a bike or scooter.

2. OverBoard Pro-Vis Backpack - This bag is stuffed with features from its internal zippered compartments to its padded backpack straps and ventilated back panel making it one of our most comfortable backpacks. Add in the IP 66 rating and you have a bag that even the most committed digital nomads would struggle to push to its extremes.

3. Watershed Big Creek - If you are looking for a solution with a classic design made with high-quality materials then Big Creek is for you. You get a 20 litre capacity in either blue or orange along side brown straps which are a nice touch and give this bag a city feel. Don't be fooled however, this bag has an IP rating of 68 and will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it keeping your valuable items safe inside the durable fabric. 


4. What key questions I should ask myself before I purchase any laptop backpack?

Some other considerations when identifying your perfect bag are

  • Does the bag have a waterproof zip closure or roll-top closure?
  • Can I store all of my tech, not just my laptop?
  • Does the bag have plenty of pockets?
  • Can I store my water bottle for easy access?
  • Do I want a stylish backpack or is the waterproof material more important?
  • Will my bag store my laptop and cope with the outdoor activities I plan to do with it?
  • Do I need to consider air flow, outer pockets or comfortable shoulder straps as key feature as I will be wearing the back for extended periods?


Choosing the right backpack can make commuting and/or school easier and more efficient. Once you know you need padded shoulder straps for that long bike ride or plenty of space to store gym kit or water bottles life becomes a lot easier. We know a dry bag backpack is a solution to your search and our wide range has a backpack made of durable material and with the sleek design you are looking for. To see all our backpacks you can visit our waterproof backpacks homepage and browse the full range. We are sure we have your dream solution but don't just take our word for it you can always reach out via our chat or email to ask for more details. Alternatively, read the reviews from our many happy customers.