Green Friday Blog: Tip #1: Get outside

Green Friday Blog: Tip #1: Get outside - Dry Bags

Last week we announced that we're giving Black Friday the boot and holding a 'Green Friday' event to give back to the planet instead of taking away...

If you’re planning to join us and Boycott Black Friday this year, we’ve got some top tips on how to step away from the commercial onslaught and lessen the negative impact of the day...

We'll be sharing them each week with you in the lead up to November 26th!

(In case you didn't get the scoop on our Green Friday announcement, go back and search your inbox for the subject line: "Black Friday Chaos"...)

In short though, this year we're distancing ourselves away from traditional Black Friday shopping madness and are encouraging our followers to use the time in a more balanced & mindful way 😇

As promised here's the first tip to help you boycott the crazyness this year...

Tip #1: Get outside 🌳

Go anywhere, but especially in nature.

Whether you head for the hills, make a bee line for the woods or plunge into your local open water swimming spot, get out there and enjoy it, whatever the weather.

Science shows that a dose of nature is good for the soul and has awesome stress busting qualities.

Not only are there numerous health benefits from getting the blood circulating and the wind (and more than likely rain) on your face, you’ll feel reinvigorated from even just half an hour away from a screen.

Exercise also releases endorphins and we could all use more of those as the days start to shorten.

So why not plan a Green Friday adventure and hit the road for the weekend?

Strap on a waterproof backpack, grab your thermos and step out into the great outdoors...

You'll feel much better after getting out there and you'll make some great memories too.

In the meantime I hope this inspires you! We look forward to you joining the Green Friday movement with us and making a positive change.


- Jules Tipler

Phone: 0151 2668 604 


P.S Closer to the time we'll be announcing our special Green Friday event so if you are inclined to shop on the day you can make a positive impact at the same time! 

Be sure to add to your contact list so you don't miss out a thing - big announcements are in the pipeline...


P.P.S In case you need protection for any of your valuables for said adventure, why not grab one of our best-selling waterproof backpacks?

As of writing this we've got a few left in stock!

The 20 litre size makes them compact and lightweight enough for small jaunts or full days out and comes in two variants depending on your needs...

The Overboard Pro-vis comes in a high-visibility reflective finish so you can always be seen even in low light and also adds additional carrying capacity to the front vs the Classic.

You can also add internal storage to your bag with the handy Laptop tidy, compatible with both the bags below. It attaches via velcro and can be added or removed easily depending on what you're packing.

Plus with all Overboard products covered by a 5 year warranty against any manufacturer defects you can have total peace of mind both your bag & the. valuables inside are protected. 

Check them out below: 

Image of Classic Waterproof Backpack - 20 Litres Image of Pro-Vis Waterproof Backpack - 20 Litres Image of Overboard Laptop Tidy 
Classic Waterproof Backpack - 20 Litres


Pro-Vis Waterproof Backpack - 20 Litres


Overboard Laptop Tidy


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