Looking for dry bags for stand up paddle boarding?

Looking for dry bags for stand up paddle boarding? - Dry Bags

Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! We have a huge range of waterproof bags ideal for stand-up paddle boarding.

We’ll run through some of the options and make some recommendations on the ones our team use when out on the water.

Key to paddle boarding is to avoid too much clutter on the foredeck. Not only is it a faff getting your board into the water and loaded up with shoes, snacks, drinks bottle, phone, car keys, etc. You don’t want it getting underfoot, rolling off into the drink once you get underway. Put them all in a dry bag, or two, and you’re safe in the knowledge that they won’t get wet.

Waterproof waist packs

Stand Up Paddle boarder with waist pack

Waterproof waist packs, aka bum bags or fanny packs are a great way of carrying a light load and a drinks bottle, so you can stay hydrated. We have OverBoard’s two and four litre waist packs in stock. They’re fully waterproof and can handle a brief submersion. Just make sure you roll the top down tightly three to four times before securing with the buckles. These bags have a nicely padded waist strap and a zip out drinks bottle holder. Our team use them for paddle boarding, cycling and hiking, as they’re so versatile. If you know you’re highly likely to fall in, we’d recommend the Swim Secure bum bag. It seals with a triple zip lock and is designed specially for swimmers. It’s slim, so perfect for your phone and a car key.

Waterproof deck bags

OverBoard Deck Bag

Deck bags are specially designed with multiple attachment points to securely lash securely to the foredeck of your paddle board. These are available in yellow or green and take 20 litres of kit. Ideal for longer trips and when you want to carry a change of clothes, snacks and supplies. The deck bags are easily accessed mid-trip thanks their wide opening and easy roll up seal. There is an outer (showerproof) zipped pocket, handy for snacks and an elasticated bungee cord which we use to stash a windproof layer in case it gets blowy out on the water.

Dry Tubes

Dry Tube on a paddle board

Dry Tubes are the most common dry bag and can often be found wedged under the elastic on the foredeck of a paddle board. They come in range of sizes and vibrant colours, from 5 litres up to 40, and if you really need to haul a lot of kit, 60 litres – these one’s have a removable backpack harness. Dry Tubes, thanks to their simple design offer great value for money. They do however lack many of the handy features and zip pockets of the waist packs and deck bags.

Waterproof duffel

If you’re packing for a longer trip (we’ve done a few multi night camping tours down the River Wye) then a waterproof duffel bag can be a good option. OverBoard and Watershed’s duffel bags both come in a range of sizes and colours. Be warned that it is easy to pack a lot of weight into a huge duffel and that makes a SUP unwieldy. 

Waterproof backpacks

Paddle boarder with waterproof backpack

Waterproof backpacks are an option. If packing light, you can paddle with one on your back but we’d generally recommend lashing it to the foredeck, but please do ensure there are no trailing straps or waist belts to get underfoot or drag in the water. Again all the Watershed, OverBoard and Swim Secure backpacks we stock are 100% waterproof and can handle a quick submersion. In fact, Watershed bags are designed for white-water rafting and the like, so can handle a serious dunking thanks to their zip-lock style seal. They really do deserve their premium price point.


Waterproof phone case

Waterproof phone case
Travelling light? Put your phone in an OverBoard waterproof phone case. Whilst many modern smart phones are waterproof - at least to a depth of one meter, we recommend you put it in a dry phone pouch. The OverBoard waterproof phone cases, unlike the cheaper options on the market, have a mechanical seal, so you can be confident that it’s fully watertight and will protect your phone should you fall in. The material is pliable and durable. You can still make and receive calls through it, take photos and video and operate the phone as normal. Note, however, the case is unlikely to hold enough air to make it buoyant. So it’s worth attaching the lanyard that comes with the waterproof phone case to either the board, yourself or something that floats! Available in two sizes; small and large to fit all modern smart phones. Please check the sizes on the product page to ensure it will fit your phone.

What wouldn’t we recommend?

Waterproof stuff sack
Waterproof stuff sacks, aka Dry Pouches are made from a thin, light weight material, and whilst they are showerproof, we wouldn’t submerse them. Dry pouches such as these are best used inside larger dry bags to separate wet or muddy clothes from clean, or to make it easy to find snacks or dry socks in a big duffel bag. They’ll protect from spray and splashes but may let damp through is continually soaked.

In conclusion

First aid kit on SUP
The best dry bag for paddle boarding is one for carrying the minimum amount of kit you safely need for the trip. A phone and a waterproof first aid kit are, we’d argue, essential. A wind proof jacket is a good idea as it can get chilly out on an exposed body of water. Above all, try to minimise clutter on your paddle board. If you do fall in, you don’t want to be fishing multiple bags, shoes and drinks bottles out of the water, whilst hauling yourself back onto your board.

Be safe out there and have fun!