OverBoard’s Backpack and Duffel Range Explained

OverBoard’s Backpack and Duffel Range Explained - Dry Bags

OverBoard make a fantastic range of waterproof bags, they come in a gamut of styles; backpacks, duffels, dry tubes, dry flats and phone cases. They also make more specialist bits of kit like bags for kayaks and Stand-Up Paddle Boards and a solid range of waterproof bike gear; saddle bags, handlebar bags and panniers.

Today we’re going to look at the Backpacks and Duffels as they come four discreet ranges, each tailored with different features. All are sealed using the roll top system. Simply pinch the top together and roll down tightly three to four times before securing the two ends with the buckle. This makes the bags fully waterproof and even, briefly, submersible. Please note, however, if you hold the bags under the water a stream of very small bubbles does escape, but a quick dip or torrential rain doesn’t penetrate. If you want 100% waterproof, you need to explore the Watershed range. These premium bags use a Zip-Lock style sealing system which they rate to a staggering depth of 91m!


OverBoard Classic Range

Classic Range 

To call this entry level does it a disservice. The backpacks and duffels are all made from 600D nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin. They’re high frequency welded to make them one complete piece of waterproof material, with no weak seams. Whilst they sport fewer features than the bags further up the ranges, there are plenty to satisfy most people’s needs. 

The Classic backpacks

Overboard Classic backpacks

Available in 20, 30 and 45 litres, all have a single reflective stripe and a single elasticated mesh drinks bottle holder. Inside is a Velcro strip which the laptop tidy can affix to. Every waterproof rucksack has a handy sternum strap (really useful if you’re hiking or cycling as it stops the bag sliding off your shoulders). 

Classic backack

They have a comfortable padded back and ergonomic padded straps, complete with air vents and reflective patches. These packs are comfortable to load up and haul kit in, thanks to the padded and vented back panel. They even have some handy D rings, so you can hook kit to the outside, such as muddy flipflops, baseball cap, etc.


The Classic duffels

Classic Duffel

Available in 40, 60 and 130 litres, are made from the same waterproof material. They each have a large internal wet / dry pocket, so you can separate smelly wet kit from your dry stuff all in the same hold-all. Again, the seams are high frequency welded to create a leakproof bag. There is a ‘shower proof’ accessories front pocket, good for car keys, etc. Reflective strips run vertically up the bag, making it nice and visible under torchlight. The handy detachable shoulder strap can take the

Classic Duffel 40-60

, should you be hauling a lot of kit. There is a large mesh pocket at one end, ideal for separating toiletries, etc in the bag. To seal you need to pinch the top together and roll down tightly three or four times to the Velcro line, before securing with a buckle at each end. It can be a bit of a faff to start with, but you soon get the knack. To open you pop the buckles and pull on the two handles and the top unravels for you.


OverBoard Pro-Sports Range

Pro-Sports Range 

The rucksacks and duffel bags in the Pro-Sport range are made from a mega tough material. They’re designed to be used all day every day in rough environments, and handle being thrown around in boats and on some real off-the-beaten-track adventures.

The Pro-Sports backpacks

Available in 20 and 30 litres, these waterproof rucksacks pack in even more features than the Classics. Inside there’s a large internal wet/dry zip pocket (perfect separate you swimmers from dry clothes, or your keys from a wetsuit) and the Velcro to attach the internal laptop tidy. On the front is a zipped mesh pocket and an elasticated bungee – which is great for attaching a down jacket or waterproof if you’re shedding and adding layers on a hike. You’ll find a large side pocket on each side, perfect for snacks and drinks.

Around the front the nicely padded and vented shoulder straps to take the load and the adjustable sternum strap even sports an emergency whistle integrated into the buckle. The waist belt is detachable, and really handy if you’re cycling or clambering over rocks. It helps keep the backpack steady on your back.

The Pro-Sport duffels are built to last!

The thicker tarpaulin and webbing straps mean these are well suited to be tough environments. Available in 40, 60 and 90 Litres, and a range of bright colours to ensure your kit stands out from the crowd. They’re made with the same high frequency welds on the seams and fitted with robust haul handles at each end. The biggest difference over and above the Classic Duffels are the removable shoulder straps that lets the Pro-Sport Duffels double up as a backpack. They’re great for haling heavy kit any kind of distance. Again, you seal them by rolling down the top and securing each end with a buckle.

Inside these cavernous bags is a wet / dry pocket for separating your wet gear from your dry clothes. Outside there is a velcro mesh pocket and an IP65 – foul weather-proof pocket, ideal for your keys. At one end there’s a quick access pocket for wet items which has a drainage vent, perfect for wet swimwear.


Overboard Pro-Light range

Pro-Light Range 

The range topping Pro-Light bags are packed with features and made from a lighter more pliable eco-friendly TPU material. We think they’re worth the slight premium over the Classic and Pro-Sports bags thanks to their weight savings and additional features. The Pro-Light range includes backpacks and waist packs (aka bum bags) in 2 and 4 litres.

The Pro-Light Backpacks

Available in both 20 and 30 litres, these waterproof backpacks have the same high frequency welded seams to create an 100% waterproof rucksack. As above you seal these bags by rolling down the top three or four times and securing with buckles at the top, to create a handy loop, or down the sides for more streamlined profile.

Inside is a handy wet / dry pocket and the Velcro strip for attaching a lap-top tidy (well worth checking them out if you ever carry a computer and all the accessories). Externally you have a large zipped mesh pocket on the front, elasticated bungee cord for quick attachment and release of clothing or helmets, and two broad reflective strips. The bag is flanked both sides by large elasticated mesh pockets to carry water bottles.

In fact there is no shortage of hydration options with these bags; the zip pocket against the back panel can take a 1.5 litre bladder and there are loops down the padded and vented shoulder straps to run the drinking hose.  The detachable waist strap and sternum strap (with emergency whistle moulded into the buckle) keep the backpack securely on your back throughout water-sports activities or cycling.


Overboard Pro-Vis range

Pro-Vis Range

Stand out from the crowd with the backpacks and duffels in the Pro-Vis range. They sell out fast, so if we’re out of stock, please put your details in the black box on the right of the page and we’ll let you know when we get our hands on more.

Designed with safety in mind, these bags are made from a high-vis PVC tarpaulin, the Pro-Vis bags come in yellow or orange so you’ll be visible (and waterproof) day and night.

The Pro-Vis backpacks

Available in 20 and 30 Litres, these dry bags ave the same high frequency welded seams to render them 100% waterproof and even, briefly, submersible. Inside you’ll find the wet / dry pocket – ideal for stashing car keys or your phone. There’s also the essential Velcro to attach the backpack tidy. Outside, on the front, you’ll find a handy loop for attaching an LED bike light and a quick release bungee for kit you want to access easily. A pair of large mesh zip pockets sit either side, perfect for snacks and water bottles.

Around the back you’ve got a padded and vented panel, padded air-flow shoulder straps, a sternum strap and a detachable waist belt.

The Pro-Vis duffels

Available in 60 litres only. These waterproof bags are built to the same high standards and packed with the features we’ve come to expect from OverBoard. Inside is the wet / dry pocket and a zippered mesh section. Outside you’ll find elasticated webbing and four loops for attaching LED lights to aid visibility. The bags have four D rings for attaching carabiners, etc and a hauling handle at each end. These bags are tough and built to last.